leading the world

in sensor technology


Tiny, rugged, pyroelectric, mid-infrared sensors and detectors that respond faster, improve responsivity, and minimise power consumption.


Built in world class foundries, our thin-film sensor components detect and analyse composition in gas, flame, food safety and oil applications.


They enable you to create smaller, higher-performance IR sensors, sensor modules and analysers which are easier to develop and need less calibration.


Linear IR arrays: fast rugged sensors with no moving parts and high sensitivity to build accurate, fast and economical handheld IR spectrometers and spectral analysers.


Single, dual and quad IR TO39 detectors: fast, responsive sensing in tough physical and thermal conditions in analogue or ultra-low power digital packages.


Digital SMD sensor IR detectors: ezPyro, the world’s smallest surface mount pyroelectric packages, combine one or more detectors with a digital conversion IC to deliver pyroelectric performance at thermopile cost.


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Introducing ezPyro, the world's smallest, digital, pyro-electric sensor family.



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