About us

Pyreos was formed in 2007 to take advantage of the growing market for advanced infrared sensor technology in gas detection, motion sensing and spectroscopic analysis.

How did Pyreos start?

Siemens contributed seed technology in the form of proprietary developments and a patent portfolio for ceramic thin film MEMs IR sensor technology.  Siemens had already invested over 75 man years (around €10m) in this technology and spun it out into Pyreos to ensure broader market-based growth.  Since then, Pyreos has optimised the sensor technology and combined it with additional semiconductor process developments and packaging techniques to create a new range of infrared sensor products.  Pyreos has also continued to develop the patent portfolio and now has over 170 patents.

What are the benefits of our technology?

Pyreos’ pyroelectric sensor technology underpins a range of passive infra red sensors which can be used to analyse substances and measure flames, presence and motion.  The technology has a unique combination of benefits:

  • Works in the Mid Infra Red spectrum. This is a range of spectrum which provides the best analytical data (“the fingerprint range”) and which most other sensors are unable to access.
  • Passive – very low power requirements
  • Needs no cooling – cheaper, smaller and more robust
  • No moving parts
  • Faster response
  • Withstands thermal shocks and high operating temperature ranges
  • Needs less calibration
  • Scalable manufacturing by world class fabs and packaging companies using standard semiconductor techniques to ensure higher quality at a lower cost
  • Compatible with industry-standard high-temperature surface mount manufacturing processes which deliver lower design and production costs.
  • Thin film / MEMS: Unrestricted design flexibility at a low cost of customisation

How are our sensors used?

Pyreos is the world’s only supplier of thin film pyroelectric sensors.   These sensors are used for gas and flame detection, for analysis of substances like engine oils, foodstuffs, blood and soil.  The sensors are used in a wide variety or sensors and analysers including:

  • Gas and flame sensors in industrial plants
  • Low cost, robust and handheld spectrometers which are disrupting the markets for oil and food-stuff analysis by replacing lab based instruments and lab services with cheaper battery portable hand held devices used in the field
  • Gesture, motion and presence sensors. 

What does the future hold for Pyreos?

The market for Passive Infra Red sensors is growing at 12% CAGR (source Yole).  Pyreos has strong expertise in gas, fire, food safety and fuel / oil analysis. 

Backed by international investment, and headquartered at the Scottish Microelectronics Centre in Edinburgh, the Company has Class 10 cleanrooms for product development and pilot production as well as test facilities to ensure the highest quality standards are achieved in our products. The Company has a number of manufacturing subcontractors in the USA, Europe and Asia that contribute to the production of our infrared sensor based products.

In addition, Pyreos benefits from an ongoing relationship and support from investors Siemens and Bosch with whom we have technical cooperation.

Our goal is to become the leading, global supplier of infrared sensor products for gas and fire detection, food safety, and fuel and oil analysis.

Pyreos Limited is registered in Scotland (Reg No SC328115) and has its registered office at 125 Princes Street, Edinburgh EH2 4AD